12 great reasons to use GetPassbook

September 9, 2021

Always have your airline boarding pass in Apple Wallet and GPay

  1. GetPassbook is free, fun, and friendly. No ads or nonsense.
  2. All your information is safe, secret, and encrypted.
  3. Getting a mobile pass in your Apple Wallet is so simple:
    • Upload or scan your airline boarding pass
    • Add your new passbook to your Apple Wallet or GPay
  4. No need to download 100s of airline apps just to maybe get a mobile pass file
  5. When you’ve added to Apple Wallet and GPay, your pass is offline, and accessible from your lock screen in one tap
  6. No more fumbling, searching, pinching, zooming in and out of PDFs and screenshots while the queues are forming behind you.
  7. No more losing boarding passes in your inbox, or waiting for that PDF to download
  8. Get fun weather updates for your destination to help you plan better
  9. Get alerts and updates on gate changes, delays and more
  10. Automatically get notified if your flight is eligible for compensation from the airline
  11. “It just works”, “Its brilliantly simple”, and “I love it!” are some of the things travelers say about GetPassbook.

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How does it work?


GetPassbook simply converts your airline boarding passes – like PDFs, pictures, or even your paper boarding pass – into a digital mobile pass file compatible with Apple Wallet and GPay.

For peace of mind, we recommend that you add it right away to Apple Wallet/GPay = zero hassle at the airport, and it will be easy to access offline at all times.

One tap or swipe and the code appears on your screen immediately. You’re now ready to swoosh past the crowds of lesser humans forming queues around the security gate.

Don’t get lost, just GetPassbook

GetPassbook is a free travel tool loved by 30,000s of frequent flyers.

Download the app and get mobile pass files for Apple Wallet or GPay.

Easily convert any boarding pass

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Download the free appDownload GetPassbook on Apple AppStore to add boarding pass to Apple WalletDownload GetPassbook on Google Play Store to add boarding pass to GPay
Travellers say:

"It just works"