Help notify others on your flight, if you are tested positive for the Corona Virus

The night before last, I was laying in bed awake thinking about this article. I think like most entrepreneurs, when faced with a complex and important problem, your brain just starts spinning. And it generally doesn’t stop until you’ve figured out a way to solve it. Or at least potentially contribute to solving it.

This is where the Corona Passbook idea originated.

While it is a challenge for airlines to collect, organise and supply this data, I figured that while we won’t be able to reach 100% of passengers, we may be able to reach some. And if we can help by notifying those people instantly, we maybe (just maybe) can help reduce the spread of Corona virus a little.

Crowd-sourced information has proved to be extremely useful in past crises, and we hope by making this service available to air travel passengers in this time of uncertainty, that many people will benefit.

If we can be even a small part of that, we have no choice but to do it. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]

best regards,

Sylvia Brune Founder @ GetPassbook

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