4 Books That You Can Finish In A Single Flight

September 9, 2021

If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to optimise time on the fly so trust us when we say that these books are about to become your new superpower.

The best and worst part of flying is you’re stuck in your seat for a few hours with no connectivity. Enter books! But how do you know what to read on a flight?

Audible has a great timer feature. So you can actually find books that you can finish in a flight. How cool is that! Check out our favourite books you can complete in different lengths of flight.

For full info on each book, scroll down. TL:DR? Check out our quick list below. Best for:

  1. A multi-leg journey: The New One Minute Manager Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson
  2. A night flight: Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom

1. Best for a very short trip: Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life Dr Spencer Johnson.

  • 96 pages
  • #11 in ‘Business Life Books’ on
  • Available in audio format: 1hr 39mins
  • Get it here

Way more relevant to your day to day role than the title would suggest and just the right kind of accessibly interesting to make you certain to devour it before you’re checking back out through security, Johnson’s much-parodied 1998 short classic is as relevant now as it was 20 years ago.

The business theorists among you will spot plenty of Kotterisms in the allegorical tale of mice in a maze who suddenly find their cheese stores depleting and must learn to adapt to the unknown and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

2. Perfect for a multi-leg journey: The New One Minute Manager Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson

  • 112 pages
  • 18 million copies sold
  • Available in audio format: 1hr 27mins
  • Get it here

Though it’ll take you slightly longer than a minute to read, the three stage format is great for trips with a few interruptions.

Co-authored by the same Spencer Johnson as our first recommendation (we’re big fans for good reason) and having sold upwards of 18 million copies, this is a great introduction to three simple and practical ways your can communicate more succinctly across the breadth of your life.

Get ready to ask directly and effectively for whatever you need.

3. Great for a night flight: Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom

  • 224 pages
  • #1 International Best-Seller
  • Available in audio format: 3hrs 36mins
  • Get it here

You’re never too old to learn life’s biggest lessons.

Whilst not strictly a ‘business’ book, reading Tuesdays with Morrie is an excellent way to use your offline downtime to reconnect with what’s really important to you – something we often forget to do in the haze of constant travel.

Telling the unflinchingly raw tale of the last few months of a much-loved sociology professor’s life, Albom forces the reader to strip back the trappings of a life ‘well-lived’ and consider what truly makes one happy – perfect for a late flight when brain and body are running on empty and you need to be gently reminded of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

4. Amazing for long haul: Originals: How Non-Conformists Change The World Adam Grant

  • 336 pages
  • Foreword by Sheryl Sandberg
  • Available in audio format: 10hrs 1min
  • Get it here

Tempting as the in-flight movies and wine selections can be, deep down we all know that neither lead to a fresh mind on arrival.

If you’re facing a longer flight with no connectivity, getting lost in Originals is a sure-fire way to keep the mind cobwebs at bay. It’s a longer read at close to 350 pages for the digital edition but we guarantee you’ll land full of the rich sparks of creativity that one sadly can’t get from even the sassiest of Cabernets.

Huge bonus points to Mr Grant for coining the term ‘vuja-de’; it’s the opposite of ‘deja-vu’ and you’ll never look at the world in the same way again.

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