16 Frequent Flyer Hacks

September 9, 2021

Regular travelers may think they’ve got their routine sorted, but we found some brilliant frequent flyer hacks and they are about to rock your world.

1. Less is more

Less is always more when packing. Your bag is less heavy, you can move faster through airports and new cities, you have some free space in your bags for anything you feel like buying (because you will end up buying things).

2. Plan outfits ahead of time

When you’re packing, plan your outfits ahead so you know exactly what you need. Mix and match your clothing so get max outfits with the least amount of clothing. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast for your destination and pack accordingly.

3. Roll your clothes

Seriously, rolling your clothes is the most efficient way to pack; it saves so much room and lessens the risk of your clothes being a crumples mess.

4. Bring solid shampoo

The joys of solid shampoos are many:

  1. There’s no risk of it spilling all over your clothes and
  2. No limit on the amount of shampoo you can bring because the 100g plastic bag fascists are focused on liquids
  3. Solid shampoo is more space efficient
  4. And more environmentally friendly since it doesn’t have any bulky plastic packaging.

5. Pack extra plastic bags

This might be obvious, but pack your shoes in a plastic bag, so dust and germs are kept away from the rest of your belongings. Don’t forget to throw in a few extra empty bags for any other items you wish to keep separate in your bag.

6. External phone charger

Most importantly, don’t forget your phone charger, and keep it accessible when traveling. Investing in an external phone charger will save your life! You’ll be able to stay connected, take epic pictures whilst in the air, and also never need to worry whether your batt will die before you can scan your mobile pass while boarding.

7. Organise in pouches

You can never have too many pouches with you! Organise all your items in different pouches, so when you need something you know exactly where to look. Keep a pouch for your underwear, one for your electronics, for toiletry, and dirty clothes.

8. Download games and audio books

Before you leave download games for when you need something to do whilst frequently flying. If you get motion sickness, audio books are literally the best thing. Download your favourite books and have them all with you. Having your book on your phone is obviously a space saver hack too, and it’s way less heavy to carry around!

Also download a kid friendly Netflix flick or two. If a kid is screaming next to you, you have something to make them happy. and can listen to music and books in peace.

9. Bring a jumper or a big scarf

Wherever you’re traveling, bring a cashmere hoodie, oversized jumper, or a big scarf with you. You might have noticed, planes tend to get very chilly. You can always use your jumper as a blanket or pillow if you don’t want to wear it.

10. Bring essentials in your carry on

In the unfortunate event where your checked-in bag goes missing, have everything that you might need on you in your carry bag. So you don’t need to buy everything and waste money on things you already have.

11. Don’t travel with a black bag

The majority of bags out there are black. So once again, if your bag gets lost (and it might happen one day) when you are asked to describe your bag, looking for a bright yellow dotted bag is easier than a …black bag. Furthermore, if you do buy a yellow dotted bag you can also be sure that no one will mistake their bag with yours on the baggage belt.

12. Put a sticker on your bag and contact details in your bag

If you have a plane bag and don’t feel like buying a new one, make sure to put a nice sticker or a recognisable sign (i.e. a ribbon) and don’t forget to have a luggage tag so someone can reach you if they find your bag. Or you can use Tile and track your luggage like a wayward pet.

13. Bring your own snacks

Packing some of your own snacks with you for the plane is economical and the best way to stay healthy while on the road. Everyone knows that airport and airplane food is overpriced! By bringing your own tea or instant coffee, you can simply ask for hot water anywhere – that’s your free coffee on the go!

14. Bring a reusable bottle water

Same as food, bottled water is so overpriced in any touristy area. Buy a reusable bottle so you never have to think about it again. Bring it with you everywhere and simply fill it up with fresh water – fresher than tap water served up in the air – and stay hydrated when you travel. If you’re going to a country where tap water is not drinkable, invest in a portable water purifier. This will allow you to have access to clean water virtually everywhere while being economically and environmentally friendly.

15. Scatter your money

Never put all your eggs in one basket – this principle applies for your money and bank cards as well. Putting different amounts of money and bank cards in multiple purses will save you if you lose or get one stolen, as everything you have will never be in one place!

16. Use your hair dryer as iron

No iron? No problem! Simply use your straighteners! Perfect for getting out the last minute kinks in your clothes before that important meeting pitch.

Now you’re equipped with the best tips; go out, keep flying, discovering, exploring and mastering the art of packing and traveling!

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