9 Jet Lag Hacks for Travelers: The guide to sleep, focus, and looking great

September 9, 2021

If you’re searching for the best thing for jet lag, the chances are that you’ve already read a ton of articles on ‘jet lag hacks’ or ‘best way to deal with jet lag’ – all of which say the same things – the best way to fight jet lag is to get sleep, drink water, eat well, exercise, ease yourself into the new timezone…

All that’s very well and good on holiday, but what if the the world is your workplace and you’re due in a meeting an hour after landing? When you’re miles from home and, let’s be honest, all you’ve consumed in the last few hours is coffee, mini pretzels, and presentation anxiety, the best way to adjust to jet lag sadly doesn’t always involve a good nap.

We’ve broken out in detail below some tried and tested hacks to beat jet lag the business traveller way. Some medicinal magic, some off-the-wall tech. The best way to get rid of jet lag: all geared towards you.

TL:DR? Cut the reading with our quick links to the products that will work in a pinch. Or read on to find out why.

Jet lag hacks for focus:

Jet lag hacks for sleep:

Jet lag hacks for faking it:

Jet lag hacks to help you focus

Binaural Beats

The science behind binaural beats is fascinating. At five different frequency ranges (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Theta), binaural beats are a form of sound wave therapy. The right and left ear receive very slightly different frequencies; the ears perceive the difference between the frequencies as a single tone and the brain effectively ‘tunes-in’ to that frequency and away from the 1000s of distractions you’re surrounded by.

So why are binaural beats on our list of jet lag recovery hacks? When the world is your workplace, you’re likely trying to focus in myriad odd locations. You can’t afford to be distracted regardless of how tired you are from skipping across timezones. Tune in to Beta frequency binaural beats – those that have a difference of between 13 and 30hz between the two frequencies. They’ll help you focus on your work rather than the distractions all around you. Who’d have thought that the best way to combat jet lag could be sitting right on top of your shoulders?

Check out Spotify’s pre-made playlists of Binaural Beats (try saying that 10 times quickly) for a quick fix.

Need some great headphones to maximise the experience? Our round-up of the best headphones for business travellers is here.

Mushroom Coffee

No longer the preserve of stroganoff, mushrooms are having a hot moment – literally. Swear that the best thing for jet lag is caffeine but, like all of us, you’ve got a cup limit before you start shaking like a leaf and spilling your drink all over your lap? A Chaga mushroom infusion might be your new best friend. Unlike regular coffee, the cordyceps-based drink combines the usual ways to beat jet lag – stimulation of the central nervous system and adrenal glands – whilst also giving a cellular energy boost for half the caffeine of regular coffee, all leading to a more relaxed kind of alert. It’s vegan, it’s instant, it’s organic, and, best of all in our humble opinion, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms.

Get Four Sigmatic’s delicious version here.

Portable ‘Sunlight’

It’s no secret that sunlight is crucial to maintaining a sensible circadian rhythm. Resetting your rhythm is often the number 1 best way to deal with jet lag – but, despite how badass you are in the boardroom you still can’t control the sun. Enter the LiteBook Edge – equivalent to 10,000 lux when you position it 20-24 inches from your face, it’s the little ray of sunshine that’s going to set you on the path back to productivity.

Available here.

Jet lag hacks to get you to sleep

When you’re finally done with the day and it’s time to sleep, how often have you found yourself completely unable to? You’ve loaded up on coffee (both with and without mushrooms), daylight, and anxiety and your mind just won’t calm down. Enter three great products for the best way to overcome jet lag by maximising your sleep.

Melatonin & Valerian

If you’re looking for hacks to avoid jet lag altogether, chances are you’re also looking for ways to get to sleep when your watch says 11pm but your body says it’s morning. If you’re preparing for jet lag, you could do a lot worse than packing one of these. A melatonin supplement is a synthetic version of what your brain naturally produces as light dims and it gets closer to bedtime. Valerian is a traditional remedy used in the promotion of sleep. It’s great for those who find melatonin gives them a bit of a ‘hangover’ or if you’re travelling somewhere that doesn’t supply melatonin over the counter.

Remember, always read the directions and never take supplements without first consulting your doctor. Always be mindful of the different laws and regulations of different countries. What’s fine and legal at home may not be so welcome in whichever country you next find yourself working in.

Amazon has some great options here and here.

The Dow-Dow Sleep Assistant

If the best way to cure jet lag really is sleep then the best way to sleep are these next two gadgets. The first is the Dow-Dow, a revolutionary piece of tech that promises to have you asleep in 8-20 minutes of watching the soothing pulses of light that reflect onto your ceiling. Small and light enough to easily fit in your suitcase, it’s the little bedside friend you soon won’t live without.

Get yours here.

illumy – The Smart Sleep Mask

Don’t you just love it when the best solutions are also the coolest? With jet lag hacks it’s certainly the case. The yin to the portable sunlight’s yang, our 2nd recommendation for sleep is the Illumy Smart Sleep Mask. It bathes your eyelids in soothing red light and is the best way to overcome jet lag eyes – the dry, sore, puffy version of your normal ones that creep up on you when your circadian rhythm is a 1000 miles from where your body is.

Check it out here.

Jet lag hacks to help you fake it

Searched for all the hacks to avoid jet lag and tried all the jet lag recovery hacks and you’re still feeling like hell? There’s really only one thing for it: fake it.

Extreme Post-it Notes: for all your weird and wonderful shower thoughts

Hacks for overcoming jet lag don’t come more off the wall than ones you can literally stick to the wall. Always keen to hack our way into the future, we’re fascinated by the science of shower thoughts here at GetPassbook. Always do your best thinking in the shower but never remember the amazing ideas you dreamed up? Water-resistant and durable, these post-it notes will capture all the weirdness inside your jet-lagged brain.

Buy yours here.

Ever wondered why you have the most interesting thoughts in the shower? Read our guide to understanding and using your shower thoughts here.

Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl Eye Cheat

Jet lag face. We’ve all had it. You got on the plane bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and then you spent five hours trying to write a presentation using your tray table whilst the person in the seat in front of you was fully reclined? Now you look like you died in the night and they forgot to tell you. The best way to cope with jet lag face is a good sleep, a lot of water, and some quality time with an expensive facialist… We won’t make you laugh by suggesting you have time for that. Instead, line the inside of your eyes with Charlotte Tilbury’s insanely good pencil – it’ll make your eyes look more open, combat the redness, and, unlike the stark white eyeliners of the previous decade, no-one will be any the wiser.

Brighten-up here.


Often, the best way to fight jet lag is by preparing for jet lag and that’s all about understanding how your schedule’s going to change. Mealtimes are shifted, you’re eating new foods and drinking new waters and your digestive system is not thanking you for it. It’s 2020 so it’s impossible to move without someone mentioning gut health and the microbiome and, as much as we fight the zeitgeist sometimes, it’s worth paying attention. Poor gut health is linked to a host of issues, including the dreaded brain fog that has you forgetting client’s names and tweaking your well-researched figures in exactly the wrong direction. Get the microbiome back in order with some probiotics to stop focussing on your stomach and start focussing on what matters.

Inessa Advanced Daily Biotic provides Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, the most scientifically studied and best clinically documented strain of good bacteria in the world. Their clinical strength probiotic product delivers 10 Billion live CFU (colony-forming units) guaranteed to expiry date of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, which is the #1 selling probiotic strain in the USA.

Best of all, GetPassbook users get 10% of the incredibly potent Inessa range of supplements, using code AHOY10.

Available here.

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